Rudeness in the South

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I’m from Michigan.  When I joined the Navy, I got to do a lot of traveling in my life.  First to Mississippi, then to Virginia and then to many places abroad.  Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Pompeii as well as Jerusalem and Bethlehem in Israel.  I now reside in Virginia.  According to the sign on the way into the state from Maryland, this is the beginning of the south.  All my life I kept hearing about Southern Hospitality and how nice folks are in the south.  I don’t mean to be rude in saying so, but I haven’t met that many nice people in this here south.

I know some very rude people in particular.  They happen to live just a few feet away from my home.  You see, my current living situation has me on a very long driveway that has two houses at the end.  The main house is where my neighbors live.  I live in the smaller of the two houses.  It was made quite clear to the people in both homes who has what property to take care of.  We have a small patch on the left side on our house were or main door is, and a slightly larger patch going to a shed on the right side of our house.  The neighbors have a large yard by their patio doors, a small front yard and they also have a very large field along the drive way.  It’s fairly good size and would take an entire day to mow with a push mower.  They have a bigger house and a much bigger yardage to handle.  Plenty of space if they need to use it.

Our neighbors are also Southern Baptists.  They have a lot of outings, cookouts and the like.  It seems they are always on the go, and it’s always a church function.  They brag to me about how their members are nice and how good the food is when they offer me to come to one of their cookouts.  Though I would never go.  Because these people are so completely oblivious of just how big of asshats they really are.  Even though we bring up issues with them repeatedly.

One issue in particular, is where they have their fellow church members park when they come over.  Apparently it’s too much to ask of these members to park in the field down the drive way and walk their happy asses up to the house.  The driveway is only like a couple tenths of a mile long.  It’s not like they’d have to walk the “Miracle Mile“.  But instead they park in the driveway making it difficult for us to get in or out.  Then, they also not only park in our little turn around area, but they just decide that it’s ok to park in our yard, on our grass, where we just planted a lot of new seed.  It would be one thing if they did this once, we mention we do not appreciate it, and it didn’t happen again.  But no, this is got to be the 10th time or so this year alone.  Such as today:

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The weird thing today, is that, that’s the only car!?!  No other cars around, but they happily backed through our turn around spot, onto the grass and parked there.  I have a good mind to call a tow truck and have that shit removed.  Talk about blatant rudeness!  You’d think that being church going folks, they would “do unto others as they’d have done unto them”.  Just pisses me off to no end.  Even living in BFE, I can’t get away from Dumbasses.