Back Under One Roof

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Metaphorically speaking that is.  I don’t know why I love to torture myself so.  This website is enormous as it is.  Why I keep wanting to flirt with other websites is beyond me.  It’s just more code I need to update, more content I need to come up with to keep the sites somewhat fresh.  Honestly, you’d think I would’ve learned by now that one is enough for one person.  I can publish my updates to all the hot social networks from one place and just keep it simple.

With that thought, I’ve moved everything back to, and if my sanity lasts, it should stay.  I like working on websites and designing new themes.  I just need to do that for other people.  All that’s left is the tweaking.  It’s always been my online blog, journal or diary.  Whichever you prefer to call it.

Besides, I’m not as much of a gamer as I once was.  Now that all I come home to is the dog, I really crave social interaction.  Need to make me a small circle of real life friends and go chill with them.  Get away from the endless hours of pixel filled fun.  I love my games, but I need conversation and interaction more.  The walking is helping that too.  Managed to find a new friend just by saving her from a flat tire 🙂

With that, my Gamers Den site is closed.  Back to my beloved Castle.  Whatever I decide to do from here will keep all my friends and family up to date in one easy to remember location 🙂


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