Back in the UK!

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I was looking at all the reasons I left the UK servers for WoW, and it was all the reasons for staying I should have looked at.  So I find myself back in the UK!

The cause to my spending months of simply farming mats and building things out of sheer boredom…  Is due to the fact that I’m an East Coast, Daytime player!  The majority of the WoW players in the US, regardless of timezone, play during much later hours than me.  I, on the other hand, am winding down my day just about the same time my UK friends are off for the night.  (midnight their time)  This would give me time to do a bit of farming and then I would be off to bed as well.  Plus and the more important reason, is all my long time friends are still there.  Despite the fact that my wife ran off with another brit 😐

There are some caveats to this issue.  One is that I am locked into the free Diablo III offer until October.  I can’t afford to pay for a second WoW account right now.  The other is, I canceled the Gmail account my old account was tied too.  Google has strict policies on not allowing old accounts over 90 days to be reactivated and you cannot re-register the same after…  Then the question becomes do I call Blizzard UK and attempt to persuade them in the nicest of manners to return my original (the very original) Theodas, or do I simply set myself up a starter account (which I already have done to pass the time), and grind up all the thing I can until I can smack down on buying game-time and expansions?  I’ve got some time before I have to make up my mind, gonna take some heavy consideration.