Pseudo-Quitting WoW

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To everyone who played World of Warcraft with me, I am sorry but I’m pseudo-quitting WoW.  (hehe I’ve been working with Linux/Unix so long I originally said “sudo-quitting” and it made me giggle as to the imagined outcome of that)  What does that mean? Well it is because I hardly logon these days.  When I do, I do next to nothing except watch guild chat scroll by and make silly remarks or crude sexual references.  Or gather materials and make Mechano-Hogs to sell/give away.  I’m “pseudo” quitting because I have that year subscription that sticks me to WoW until October. However, I don’t fancy I’ll be logging in much from here on out. I’m going to move my toons to a level 1 guild (if anyone wishes to give me a hand with that great 🙂 )

So if you wanna chat, you know my names. Theodas (main – Druid) – Theodes (Mage) – Theodaz (DK) – Theona (Priest) – Kyllia (Lock)

For those who know me and still like me, feel free to add me to friends if you like. Granted, I won’t be around much. Moving on with my life and I’m not really fancying the upcoming Panda Bullshit. Yeah I said it. Unless my UK friends talk me into playing Mists of Pandaria with them, I’ll probably leave WoW forever once my subscription runs out. Maybe I’ll find a new MMO to play. Though I am more into finding myself a real live social life that doesn’t involve stupid ass social networks. (never liked them anyways)

Edit Update:  Apparently, the guild master took this badly and banned me from the guild website.  Fine, be childish about it if you must.  I said thank you and sorry, I don’t know what else to say.