Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftain – Power of the Horde [HD]

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I’ve played World of Warcraft for over 3 years now.  I started on the UK Servers and then moved to the US servers.  I’ve met hundreds of people in that time.  Sadly, not one of them told me about the Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftain that play at 8pm server time every day.  The play an actual song called “Power of the Horde”.

It wasn’t until I started looking for pictures of drum kits to use on my blog that I stumbled upon this not so hidden but awesome tidbit in Warcarft.  As I remember seeing a drum kit for WoW while doing one of the many runs through Blackrock Depths.  It was in The Grim Guzzler bar.  Upon further reading I found this little piece of info:

Anyone who has Direbrew’s Remote from the Brewfest event can trigger a performance here at any time by talking to the roadie in charge, Ognip Blastbolt.

Source: WoWWiki

My Warlock Kyllia just happens to have one of those remotes.  So I took a trip on down to watch the show.

Contrary to belief of people I know, I’m not that big into WoW as they may think.  Turns out this is a real life band comprised of Blizzard Employees that play at all the Blizzcons and have a number of other Warcraft songs they play.  😛

When I went to add this post, all there are on YouTube are old versions of this video in crappy size.  So after 3 days of fighting with a way to convert Fraps (and clip together as it made 3 segments), I uploaded it today to YouTube in HD format 🙂