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Introducing my third addon for gaming.   Like my ever so fun, I’m So Random for Runes of Magic, and my AnnouceRes for World of Warcraft, here’s another time sucking addon for the masses guaranteed to make being annoying fun again 🙂  This one is for World of Warcraft.



Based on Feli’s Emote Button Leiste. This is a smaller version that uses the 20 most popular emotes. It’s a tad leaner and the buttons equally sized for easier reading. English Only. The original author gave me permission to publish this addon and I thank them very much 🙂

Just click a button and Emote!

At some point I would like to add a border to grab and move it with. To move the button bar, click just below the buttons to move them to your desired location. If anyone knows LUA better that can help me put a transparent border or grab spot, let me know.