Robbed at the Mini Storage

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I am absolutely sick to death of this kind of thing happening to me.  There are just enough useless losers in the world that always happen to be around me.  First, my home got ransacked in 1990 in Grayling Michigan.  Then the restaurant I had worked for in 1992 got robbed at gun point.  (thankfully I had just clocked out and left prior)  Then my home in Williamsburg got ransacked in 2009.  Today I go to my Mini Storage here in Redneckville to find my lock was cut off, and some of my stuff moved, and stolen.  Granted, it’s all been mostly small quick to move stuff.  So, likely it was kids in this case.  Or so the officer who wrote up the report thinks.  They took all my video games (World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto IV, my Thief Series…).  But what pissed me off the most was they took my Windows OS disc (which still has a good key on it).  Plus they took some computer hardware that I had as spare parts.  I’m so angry…  But I’ll stop here and just let the steam roll before I say something that some overly sensitive little prick will decide to whine and cry about.  Sure it’s not a lot, but it’s the principal of it all.  Besides, I’ve got huge medical bills to prepare for, so having to replace shit right now is really the last thing I need on my plate.


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4 thoughts on “Robbed at the Mini Storage

  1. Adele


    Its time you bought a lottery ticket. Some good luck must surely be on its way. Otherwise the universe will be too out of balance and implode.

    Sorry this has happened at such a crappy time. (not that there is a good time for it)

  2. Theodas Post author

    I propose a new law. If petty thieves can be caught in the act, they can have their fingernails publicly extracted. You know that whole cutting off the hand of thieves isn’t a bad practice to start here either. Bet theft crime would cut way down.

  3. beth

    God ignorant ass kids. Sorry den 🙁 and they took the cool games! So not Cool! Huggles lots!

    (and tehe my flag i made for you <3 )

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