Genuine Imitation Breakfast

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This morning I had imitation eggs (made with eggs), WhiteWheat toast with butter flavored heart healthy spread and milk flavored water.  What would normally cost $1.99 for the meal and $1.50 for the drink at the Greasy Spoon down the road and be incredibly delicious, now costs me around $4.00 to make at home.  It has no real flavor or texture, but is apparently “Heart Healthy”.  Is life even worth living anymore?  Those days of dipping your toast in your egg yolk?  Remember those days?  GONE!  {maniacal laugh}  Movie Theater Popcorn with Butter?!?!  Ice Cream???  ha! Ha! HA!  Now it’s low fat yogurt and granola bitch!

It’s incredibly depressing to know that natural foods like eggs are now bad for me.  Huh?  Are you serious?  Mother Nature, God or whatever you believe in, makes this for the world and it’s somehow bad for you.  Milk is too fatty, you can only drink skim made from recycled city water which I am convinced is less healthy for me than tap water.  Especially when one ponders all the things that go down the drain and it’s not just human waste.  Lets not forget chemicals, drugs and other horrible fluids and solids that people shouldn’t flush, but you know damned well they do.  Especially when a police officer is banging on the door.  As well as I can guarantee that someone was too lazy to drop that old oil change off at a proper disposal.  This is somehow chemically bathed and now good for you again water…  Yeah… right.

Perhaps natural foods were likely much healthier way back in the day.  Before we started insisting we can make it better, safer and “healthier” by adding all the preservatives and messing with the food intake of chickens, cow and such.  Because we are humans, and we can make everything better by messing with it.  That thought makes me feel so artificially preserved it’s almost perverse.

In other news, I am trying to do my daily walk again.  It has however, gotten incredibly harder after the hospital visit.  I’m no where near my 3 miles a day like I was.  Damage to one’s heart can really make simple things feel much more difficult and there’s always that paranoia that if I wander too far from somewhere safe, I’m going to drop dead and that the only creature to mourn over me will be my dog.  Well, that and the two people who still call or text me and ask how I am.  It’s been almost a year since I started doing this walk thing.  I’ve lost over 30 pounds, but still have a lot to go.  At this rate, it will take me another 3 years to get to where I want to be.  Perhaps as I get closer to my target, I will be able to do more things.  Providing these stents in my artery’s do their job.

This new healthier diet is either going to make me homeless again because it’s so damned expensive, or so depressed I’ll refuse to eat anything after a while.


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