Grand Theft Auto V

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I know it’s not anything new I’m posting here.  Just expressing my excitement that there is yet another Grand Theft Auto game on the horizon.  I’ve been a huge fan since GTA III when the main character had no lines of his own to speak.  It’s always been the perfect stress relief game.  No other game gives me the pleasure of finding someone looking similar to someone who’s pissed me off and be able to shoot them, run over them, hire them for sex, blow them up.. whatever comes to mind.  Or just spend hours looking at all the details, or find how many ways to lose a six star wanted level (or how many creative ways I can die trying).  Lots of giggles to be had.

It will also give me a break on the MMO front for a bit.  I’m sure I have a few months to wait.  But I’m looking forward to see how Grove street has turned out in this newly built version.  Wonder if C.J. and company will make a cameo.  Also, since I never did pick up Driver: San Francisco, this is a must for me to get.


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