Happy New Year 2012!!

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Well we made it another year with out ending the world.  Will we make it another?  (I ask as my dog cowers under my desk from all the gun fire going on….)  Although as with the many, many threats of the world ending at some point.  As I recall from many years growing up, there was a lot of different times the world was predicted to end.  This coming year, blame the Mayans.

A time of year for millions of people to fool themselves by making resolutions they generally never come even close to keeping beyond February.  Pessimism?  Yes.  Experience?  Definitely.

A time of year for millions to get drunk, stupid and possibly add to their family member count.  (or begin a family – planned or unplanned)

Sadly this year (and today) has sucked badly for me.  So…  I can only look forward to next year in hopes things will get better.

Here’s to hope, love and happiness!  May it be found by everyone (and me) by the truckload!

Happy New Year!!!

and hooray for living in Redneckland… (as more guns go off….  hope like hell they are blanks…)