Majority Rules…

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I give up, I concede.  I have finally succumb to using Social Networking.  As much as I’d rather not, it seems that I really have little choice if I ever want to keep in contact with folks on the net.  Even though I’ve tried over and over and over and over and over again to get folks to recognize me as I am, they simply refuse and insist that Social Networking is the ONLY way.  I guess there is no point in fighting it anymore.

Of course, because I have an unusual first name, immediately my new account gets flagged for being fraudulent.  So, that made the first experience even more painful.  As I had to submit identification to them and wait…  {sigh}  Off to a great start…  Actually this is my second attempt at Facebook.

Even threw Twitter in the mix for the hell of it.  No idea if or what that will do for me.  But hey, if Ray William Johnson can do it, I can too!

With any luck, I can start meeting new folks in my new town as well as add to my online friends and family.

OMG, what the hell is happening to me?!?! First a Mac, now Facebook and Twitter…  What will happen next!