Williamsburg, a great place to live… NOT!

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JAMES CITY COUNTY– A man was shot and killed Friday night on Centerville Road in James City County.

Police responded to a shooting at around 5 p.m  in the 5500 block of Centerville Road. Upon arrival, police found Elston “Deon” Brown, 25 of James City County suffering from a gunshot wound to his side. He was transported to Williamsburg Sentara Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Preliminary investigation indicates that Brown was talking with some individuals in a yard in the 90 Block of Theodore Allen Rd. when he was shot.

Brown walked across the street where he collapsed. The suspect fled on foot. The investigation is on-going.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Crimeline at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

As quoted from News Channel 13 WVEC

That was yesterday’s headline as I came home to police cars, crime scene tape, fire trucks, ambulances and loads of onlookers.

Since I have a acquired a Williamsburg address, life has been nothing but trouble.  Within 6 months of living here my home was robbed while I was home!  The suspect only managed to get away with my (now ex) wife’s purse which he/she snatched through a kitchen window.  Two weeks later, the police closed the case.  Nothing was recovered, no suspects were found.

A few months later, our home was ransacked by burglars.  The police were about to close up shop when I demanded they at least take finger prints.  They did and two weeks later they closed the case.  Nothing was recovered, no suspects were found.

A year or so later, a drug bust happened at a nearby residence.  Damn near right next to this shooting incident.

I can almost spit to the crime scene near my home.  Though I’m surprised anyone noticed as there is always gun shots going off.  Never can tell if it’s violence or target practice or the neighbors shooting small animals for dinner.  (Yes, some of them do that here.  I understand squirrel is quite good.)

I wished I had stopped and taken a picture.  It looked like every police car in the county was there, several fire trucks and a couple of ambulances.  Though with the whole neighborhood crowding around I decided to go home and play with my dog instead.

I love this news story, The opening sentence says, “James City County Police made quick work of a fatal shooting investigation Friday evening, with the arrest of a Williamsburg man on a first degree murder charge.”.

The next paragraph has “turned himself in”.  So the police only had to fill out the paperwork.  There was no real work for them to do!  Besides had he not, they probably would’ve closed the case two weeks later without an arrest.  Seems to be their style around here.

Thank god I’m moving soon.  Fuck Williamsburg.  It’s only a great place to live if you are rich, retired and living in Kings Mill or Fords Colony (Private Neighborhoods).  Otherwise, the crime rate seems to be more than what I once believed Newport News to be.  Hell I used to live in a trailer park in Newport News surrounded by drug dealers and didn’t have this much shit going on.