My Transformation is Complete

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Despite recent events, I’ve decided to keep playing Warcraft for the time being.  OK sure, the expansion may as well be called Kung Fu Panda; and they may as well hire Jack Black for voice acting.  But who knows, the Worgen turned out all right and I love the Goblins and their whole starting quest line.  Maybe I’ll grow to love it too.   We’ll just have to wait and see.

Over the weekend I finished betraying the Alliance and am now full on Horde!  Kyllia I transformed into a quaint down home Human girl with an evil streak to a full on self-centered Blood Elf bitch with a full-time malefic thought pattern.

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Then there is the one and only Theodas.  My Druid.  My Swiss Army Knife and first character and in many ways still my favorite.  He went from a bumbling and babbling Night Elf to a Beefcake.

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As for APB Reloaded, that didn’t work out.  Between the fact that it forces me to install bandwidth killing programs like Pando, and their brainless programmers decided that they would also make Punkbuster run with Windows and hide the startup entries for it so even if I am not playing it’s running when it doesn’t need too.  To top it off, it’s the only game I have ever played that kills my Ventrilo making it difficult to play with my friends.  While they don’t have the issue, there are others who do and so far the only fix is to change out sound cards or other hardware.  Honestly, I’m not going to waste one dime on a game that I’m not all that interested in playing and has already caused me heartburn.  That just adds to my real life issues, I just don’t think I want to spend any time worrying about a silly game.