apps… Apps! APPS!!!

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Holy Mackerel!  Everywhere I turn it’s apps… Apps!  APPS!!!  Talk about a run away train!  You’ve got apps for your Smart Phone, apps for your Tablet  or iPad, you’ve got apps for your PC and Mac, you’ve even got apps for your toolbars!  Now, I opened up Google Chrome for the first time in days and I get attacked with “Get apps for your browser!”!  Are you flipping kidding me?  I need apps in my browser?  It’s not good enough to have toolbars and addons, now I need apps?  So I want to start my OS, get logged onto the internet and then start apps in my browser?  It’s like having an OS inside my OS because for some reason I need to run programs inside of programs that are run from programs.

Then there’s this ever growing issue of you can use some of your favorite apps on your Smart Phone, but not your PC.  You can use some apps on your Tablet and your PC but not on your Phone.  You can use some apps on your Phone, iPod and Tablet but not your Mac.  Or your PC, Mac and Phone but not your iPad.  Or some other idiotic combination or other.

My head hurts.

Or this app can do this, but another does that for the previous.  Like I see there is apps for Netflix for example that one plays Netflix, another organizes it and others let you do other things with Netflix.  What the hell is that about?

Having so many different platforms and devices and this madness to have apps installed on all of them is mind wrenching.  Makes me wonder how the everyday Joe that calls me who can’t tell me what version of Windows or Mac they use, gets by…