Brewfest is Da Bomb!

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This is my favorite event in World of Warcraft.  Brewfest!  I’ve always warned people that I play with, that I’m a major Achievement Whore.  This certainly proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.  While I’ve never been a real life drinker (makes you wonder how I’m related to anyone in my family), this is the most fun world even they have going.  At least in my opinion.  I just finished Brewfest on the UK servers just before I changed servers to play in America.  So I got to start again this year.

Both my main characters, Theodas and Kyllia are fully achieved as of today!  Including “Disturbing the Peace“.  Managed to also get both Brewfest Mounts (Great Brewfest Kodo & Swift Brewfest Ram) on Theodas and just the Ram on Kyllia.  Not too bad 🙂  Theo even got the Tremendous Tankard O’ Terror as well, though he’s a caster, not a melee class bloke.  Think I’ll hang on to it.  Not sure if I’ll give it to a guildie later on or chuck it in the Auction House in a couple of months to see if it brings me in a decent bag of coins.

And as if that wasn’t a good stroke of luck, Theo also got both the Mithril Stopwatch and the Petrified Pickled Egg trinkets (since he is Balance/Resto).  And Kyllia got the Mithril Stopwatch as well.  Not too shabby 😉  I only managed to get a few of the achievements done on my other character, Theodes as he is my lowbie.

Speaking of my lowbies and my recent betrayal to the Alliance…  I’ve thrown together a new guild called Suspicion of Mischief.  Not sure where it will go as I’m a casual playing achievement whore, but as far as I know, it’s the only one with that name thus far.  If you don’t get the reference, don’t apply 😉

Also, I’ve never been one to play melee class and not so big on PVP (Player vs Player) action.  But I got talked into making a Death Knight of all things, and I’ve come to learn that Death Knights in PVP are a blast!  I started him as a Goblin Death Knight, and I think I did better with him than I am with the Undead version of him, but I’m not feeling like starting a 3rd time.  So Undead Death Knight it is.  Still kicking ass.  Though I’m iffy between the Unholy and Frost builds.  Blood at least I could take a bit of a beating, but sucked at attacks.  As soon as I can get my honor gear I can really start pounding some player booty into the ground 😈