But it’s never done that before!?!?!

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Customers never want any problem to be something they have to deal with.  As a technician, we diagnose a problem, realize it’s something wrong with the customer’s computer or device that is outside our circle of responsibility, and then the customer proceeds to argue with us or try to reach for any unfathomable reason that it would never be what we say it is.

This is one of the most annoying issues to ever have to deal with.  Because the customer is so obstinate that we are supposed to snap our fingers and whatever reason they called in for, and that it will be fixed just like that.  It’s beyond their thinking to realize that just perhaps, something has changed or broke and it’s not something our side is responsible to fix.

“It’s not an internet connectivity issue sir, it’s your network adapter is broken.  Please contact your local computer repair to have it fixed.”

This is usually met with, “But it worked yesterday?!?”.

Every piece of hardware has a MTTF (Mean Time to Failure).  This means the manufacturer generally expects the product to fail at some point and the MTTF is the average of that time.  Though this isn’t always the case.  It could be software related, a defective product or end user monkeying with things he/she should not.  Though logically speaking, it’s whatever the manufacture’s warranty period is.  If the product breaks after that, it’s likely to be past it’s MTTF.

Every piece of software has flaws.  Bugs as they are called.  For the most part, released software will work without issue.  However, combine it with an operating system, antivirus or just your inability to operate it or you tried to do something it cannot do, and then you have a problem or software conflict.  Or the software has known issues and the customer just happened to find it.

Here’s some of the dumbest responses I’ve ever heard:

Customer: “But it’s brand new!”
Me: “You mean to tell me you’ve never purchased anything defective before and had to return it?”

Customer: “It’s always worked fine before!”
Me: “That’s the funny thing about things breaking, before they broke, they worked fine.”

Customer: “My son’s an IT professional and I know it’s working fine.”
Me: “And when was the last time your son came around to make sure it was working fine?” or “Is he there now?  Can I speak to him?”

Customer: “It worked yesterday.”
Me: “There was a major storm yesterday, it’s possible since you didn’t take precautions and unplug your equipment that it took at hit.”

Customer: “You recommended the software to me, why can’t you fix it?”
Me: “We recommend the software, we don’t write it and are not responsible for any known or unknown issues with it.  Contact the software makers for support.”

The list goes on and on.  It’s your computer folks, take care of it.  If it needs repair and has been determined by a trained, skilled professional that it needs repair, take the responsibility and get it fixed.  I can’t speak for other techs, but I never leave you with “It’s broke.”  I’ll tell you what I think the problem is and I’ll even point you in the direction I think you should go to get it fixed.  Whether it be an online forum (software) or local computer shop or I’ll even give you the tech support number for whatever manufacturer made your computer or device (providing it’s still under warranty).