It’s the Incredible Mini Hulk!

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Yesterday I finally started betraying the Alliance by making my first move to the Horde.  I have transformed my wise cracking Gnome into a smart-ass Goblin.

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I’m very excited to see where all of this will go in the future.  I’ve still got Theodas and Kyllia that are my main characters still mucking about in Alliance territory until I can afford to kick them over and I’ve also got my new Death Knight Theodaz which is quickly becoming my favorite PVP character.

Sadly though current events in my life have dampened my excitement and have me busily working on paperwork and saving up for fees to come.  So my play time will get a bit of a push back until I can get things straight.  Especially since the party of the second part seems not willing to participate in the manner she should.  Leaving me to do pretty much everything.  Sorry, had to vent.