Drake of the West Wind

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After many, many, many (did I mention many?) mindless Tol Barad daily quests…  (on multiple characters no less….)  Kyllia finally collected 200 Commendations and snagged herself the Drake of the West Wind!

Edit: September 8, 2011 – Theodas got his Drake of the West Wind today!

Oddly, my goals in WoW aren’t all that exciting these days.  I guess it has a lot to do with my life being in a holding pattern, I’m not really all that focused on much else.

As it stands…

Theodas, while he was once my star character (and is my beloved internet name), he really doesn’t do much these days outside of random achievements and Tol Barad dailies.  Sure I could change his primary to Resto, but honestly just not feeling it.  I love being a caster, so Resto would work but I’m more of a DPS with Healer skills kind of druid.  I kind of consider him the last of the Boomkins since Feral seems to be what everyone is jumping too on the DPS side of life.

Kyllia, is my new favorite character to play.  However, she’s at a point where I need reliable party members to accomplish any serious dungeons and raids, so she’s also stuck doing random achievements and Tol Barad dailies to get all the mounts, then I’ll move her on to Fireland Dailies.  She’s got OK gear and it’s time to bring her up.  Again, in that holding pattern in life so I have her waiting for that to pass before I start adding people back into my guild (that has yet to get it’s new name….) and put her back on top.

Hythlodaeus, is my current time killer for playing in my favorite area, Northrend Dungeons.  My little Engineering Gnome Mage.  Can’t complain about being able to portal yourself and others to all major cities.  His DPS is pretty damned good too!  But he’s mostly a tinker toy character.  Just because he’s so much fun for doing absolutely nothing 😉  I’m gonna lock him down at level 80 for a long time to be able to do those dungeons when I feel the whim to do so.  I’ve considered renaming him to Theodas, but since my current Theodas is somewhat accomplished, it would seem like a waste of a good druid.  Well, Theodas used to be badass.