Woot! Google+ helped me find an old friend!

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In what seemed like a rain of darkness between Hurricanes and other things in my life lately.  I managed to find a brilliant ray of light!   I was quietly filtering through suggestions for folks to add to my “circles”, I decided to drop her name in the search box.  One result and it seemed to be her, dropped her an email and she wrote me back!  I was so happy to find her after numerous years.

We met many years ago in the early 90’s while working at a Little Caesars in northern Michigan.  In a way, she was my Jenny.  Although we never fell in love or things like that.  We did get very close and did loads of things together.  When she joined the Navy, I decided to give it a try myself.  Just so I could still hang out with her.  At the end of my Naval tour in 1998, I chose a career in computers and she was already established in the medical field.  I briefly went back to Michigan while she stayed in Virginia with her newly formed family.

That was the point though that we lost touch.  I tried to find her from time to time with no luck as I would find a thousand and one other people with similar names.  That is, until yesterday 🙂  Now we can catch back up and while I’m sure it won’t ever be like it was, it’s still so nice to find my friend again 😀