Thanks for the ride, Irene

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What a suck-ass 48 hours that was.  Thanks to Hurricane Irene, not only do I get to clean up the yard (yet again), I get to help clean up all the down internet customers who are connected to Verizon phone services.  Joy of joys.  Though at least it wasn’t nearly as bad as Hurricane Isabel in 2003.

Oddly enough, I started my current job the very next day after Hurricane Isabel almost exactly 8 years ago.  How weird is that?  And they both have names starting with “I”.  OK, so maybe I’m the only one who sees any similarity there.  Thankfully this time, I’m not spending two weeks hunting down gas stations that still have fuel, just to keep several generators running just to keep internet up during and after a hurricane so kids don’t complain they are bored.  We got big boy generators now that are automatic 🙂  I also didn’t have to duck and dodge downed trees and power lines to get to work today either.

Sadly though power did go out at my house for 23 hours trashing all the food in the fridge (and I would’ve cooked it except some teenagers (some that aren’t even mine but living in my house for some unknown and certainly disdainful reason…) never bothered to 1) clean my grill after using it and 2) didn’t turn off the gas so it all leaked out….. {growls in anger} Aside from lazy teenagers, it was just unbearably hot and little to do.  Our net is still down at home but I imagine will be up soon.


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