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Woot! Google+ helped me find an old friend!

In what seemed like a rain of darkness between Hurricanes and other things in my life lately.  I managed to find a brilliant ray of light!   I was quietly filtering through suggestions for folks to add to my “circles”, I decided to drop her name in the search box.  One result and it seemed to be her, dropped her an email and she wrote me back!  I was so happy to find her after numerous years.

We met many years ago in the early 90’s while working at a Little Caesars in northern Michigan.  In a way, she was my Jenny.  Although we never fell in love or things like that.  We did get very close and did loads of things together.  When she joined the Navy, I decided to give it a try myself.  Just so I could still hang out with her.  At the end of my Naval tour in 1998, I chose a career in computers and she was already established in the medical field.  I briefly went back to Michigan while she stayed in Virginia with her newly formed family.

That was the point though that we lost touch.  I tried to find her from time to time with no luck as I would find a thousand and one other people with similar names.  That is, until yesterday 🙂  Now we can catch back up and while I’m sure it won’t ever be like it was, it’s still so nice to find my friend again 😀

Thanks for the ride, Irene

What a suck-ass 48 hours that was.  Thanks to Hurricane Irene, not only do I get to clean up the yard (yet again), I get to help clean up all the down internet customers who are connected to Verizon phone services.  Joy of joys.  Though at least it wasn’t nearly as bad as Hurricane Isabel in 2003.

Oddly enough, I started my current job the very next day after Hurricane Isabel almost exactly 8 years ago.  How weird is that?  And they both have names starting with “I”.  OK, so maybe I’m the only one who sees any similarity there.  Thankfully this time, I’m not spending two weeks hunting down gas stations that still have fuel, just to keep several generators running just to keep internet up during and after a hurricane so kids don’t complain they are bored.  We got big boy generators now that are automatic 🙂  I also didn’t have to duck and dodge downed trees and power lines to get to work today either.

Sadly though power did go out at my house for 23 hours trashing all the food in the fridge (and I would’ve cooked it except some teenagers (some that aren’t even mine but living in my house for some unknown and certainly disdainful reason…) never bothered to 1) clean my grill after using it and 2) didn’t turn off the gas so it all leaked out….. {growls in anger} Aside from lazy teenagers, it was just unbearably hot and little to do.  Our net is still down at home but I imagine will be up soon.

My Thoughts on Google Plus

It’s not a secret in the least that I generally can’t stand following the crowd like a mindless lemming.  So it’s no real surprise that I ended up loathing MySpace when it had it’s day.  It was like a clone war of hideous layouts.  Sure your screaming pink and green with purple text is colorful, but damn near impossible to read and still, the layout of content is identical to everyone else.  Not to mention the horrific amount of embeds that would make even the fastest internet connection groan.  The competition to see who had the most “friends”.  Does anyone really know these people?  Probably not, and apparently my definition of a friend certainly differs from other people, if all you have to do is accept a friend request from a stranger you’ve never met or gotten to even genuinely talk too.  I tried it for about a week before I couldn’t take the stomach pains of how god awful it was.

Then came Facebook.  It grew in popularity overnight it seemed but I still was skeptical of it.  It has generally the same basic principals as MySpace, though it certainly looked better.  But…. It looked so cookie cutter the same from profile to profile.  No color changes, no real customizations to give any user individuality.  Other than it seemed to be the “in thing”.  As people around me who had Facebook profiles, started having attitudes that would make others who didn’t have Facebook feel as if they were somehow a lesser grade of person.  “You don’t have Facebook?!?!?”, and then turn away as if the non-Facebook person had Leprosy or something.  Again, I tried it for about a week before wanting to commit bodily harm to the creator to have zombified the general public.  Good thing I can create and delete all the email addresses I like, or I would’ve never been released from the Facebook clutch.  As a technological geek, I can’t figure out how it got so popular.  The hundreds of people I meet can’t figure out how to do simple things with their computers, but they figured out how to operate Facebook.  Though it is a belief of mine, it’s how interested in what you are doing that makes the difference.  Loads of people apparently don’t care how to operate their computers, they just want them to work without having to take the effort to learn.  God forbid they take that attitude about driving…  Oh wait…  They do…  But that’s a different rant for a different day.

Then flew in Twitter.  One hundred forty characters to tell the world… “What are you doing now?”.  It’s amazing how much information people will try to divulge in so few characters.  Even more amazing that they think anyone would really care about the majority of the nonsense they spew, secrets they spill or what-have-you.  It certainly has helped hinder any form of proper language skills.  It’s hard to write how good or bad your day was in such a short space.  Good thing I have no limits here 🙂  Though, I shot the bird and moved on again back to my blog.

Now here comes Google Plus (Google+).  Well…  I tried it.  It’s been 3 weeks now.  I haven’t hated it.  Though, again everyone’s profile looks the same.  The layout isn’t god awful, it’s actually quite brilliant.  Stupidly easy to learn and already utilizes the tools I’m using anyways.  Such as Gmail and Picasa (web version).  I don’t have to have 3000 friends, I actually have a Circle listed as “No Idea”.  With only my real friends listed in “Friends”, and I have circles for “Famous people I’d like to meet” and “People I’d like to meet” for folks whose profiles interest me.

Granted, I know I don’t use it as it was intended.  I don’t blog there.  It does allow me to post my blogs there via links 🙂  This makes me happy.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll make more genuine friends this way.  Maybe not, but it’s certainly the first social network that doesn’t suck as far as I can see.  Then again, I’m obviously no Social Network guru or junkie like most.  I’m OK with that.   And Google Plus is OK with me.

Earthquake on the East Coast?

Growing up in the great frozen mass they call Michigan, I’ve had my share of Blizzards, Rainstorms, Ice Storms, Lightening and even my very own Tornado (that wrecked my 1991 Ford Escort – Thank God it’s dead).  Then I moved to Virginia to join the good old US Navy!  There I’ve experienced minor flooding, hurricanes (the USS Enterprise even drove through one for fun), ungodly heat, freezing cold (in the same month at times) and all sorts of stuff.  But never an Earthquake.  Hell, even the day I started working at this job, was the very day after Hurricane Isabel hit Virginia in 2003.  I had to duck and dodge fallen trees just to get to work!

I’ve always thought that to be a West Coast or overseas thing.  Never on the East (or Mid as never remember one in Michigan either).  Yet proof is here.  Though never having experienced one, I kind of knew what it was based on hearing others talk about how it felt when they experienced one.  I was a bit moved and slightly frightened, but apparently not nearly as freaked out as the guy in the office next door who I’ll quote, “THAT WAS A FREAKIN’ EARTHQUAKE!!”.  I casually said, “oh” and slipped back inside my office hoping he wouldn’t follow me.

Not sure I’d call this breaking my Earthquake cherry but certainly was a first for me!

Window Shopping

While at the grocery store today, one of the 6 folks who actually stop by and read my dribble, got to chatting with me.  Talking about work, current events in my life and whether or not I’m still getting exercise due to the immense heat lately.

For anyone else interested, yes, I’m still doing at least something to get some exercise every day.  Though mostly it’s limited to indoor walking in malls and such.  Aside from that, I generally do any yard work really early in the morning on weekends when it’s somewhat not killing me (the aforementioned heavy booted individual standing on my chest discomfort I get in such heat).

In which such events has lead me to doing a lot of Window Shopping for various items I desire in my new future.  At least the future I picture for myself anyways.  Something that is quite out of character for me.  I’ve always wanted a family and always wanted whatever my significant other wanted for home furnishings.  I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m being Metrosexual (as apparently it doesn’t fit the definition anyways), though I do have a color scheme in mind.  I think it’s because I finally stopped living for someone else and started living for myself.  (and my puppy dog)  Though I don’t know what kind of person that makes me.  If anything, it will at least make me happy 🙂

Reboot Button

If your life could have a reboot button, like the one in this Foamy Cartoon, would you use it?

Many, many times I have sat and wished I had done things differently.  Taken better care of my health, made different choices concerning relationships, career choices and many, many more.  In short would I use a reboot button?  Hell Yeah!

The CWA can kiss my A-double-S

Firstly, I’ve never understood the purpose of a Union.  This stupidity between the Communication Workers of America and Verizon has pushed me over the edge to a level of rage I never thought I could attain.  The more I think about it, the more it enrages me.  If I understand correctly, a Union is passed off as an organization that protects the American Worker.  What a load of crap!  Here’s why I say that:

Tuesday August 9th at 9am EST, all of the 757 area code dropped for internet access for those using connectivity with Verizon.  It turns out that this outage may have been on purpose and was not the only outage on the east coast.  For nearly 12 hours, I get back to back angry phone calls because my small internet service that I work for, uses Verizon to deliver last mile connectivity to the majority of our customers.  Home and Business customers alike.  As if taking calls from the socially inept isn’t bad enough because they can’t get on with their lives without Facebook or Twitter; I’ve also have business customers, who don’t have redundancy (for whatever reason they chose not too) and depend on the internet to take orders and payments crawling up my behind as if it’s somehow my fault they can’t get online.

So now I’m thinking that if this in fact was on purpose, to somehow urge Verizon to give in to a deal with the CWA because they now need the workers to restore connectivity…  How childish can they be?  Interrupting services to millions of customers causing them to cancel service with Verizon (and worse, small businesses like the one I work for as well), causing absolute mayhem to thousands of “American Workers” both in my business and the others that were affected by this outage.

So what a Union really does apparently, is protect the Union Member and screws the “American Worker” over.  Because I can’t honestly see how they intend to make any headway if they do things like drive customers away from Verizon.  This simply means there won’t be any work for the CWA Union Members to return too.  Even if they didn’t cause the outages, all they are doing is delaying any trouble tickets we open for customers that are disconnected from the Verizon service for whatever reason.  (ie. Cable Cuts, Cross Connect, etc…)  So there is little to no one to work these tickets.  Causing the same effect when we have to tell customers, “I’m sorry, but Verizon is on strike.  There is no one to correct your issue.”.

Further more, in an economy where I know I’m thankful to even have a full time job.  Verizon employees are crying about not getting paid enough or don’t have enough benefits.  I’ve even heard one Verizon tech tell a co-worker of mine, “I’m on vacation.”, referring to the current strike.  What a bunch of bologna!  I’m struggling to keep customers happy on my current wage praying that I don’t get laid off because customers are leaving in anger over something I have no control over.  While Verizon techs are “on vacation” while waiting for their pathetic demands to be met.

The Guild Season 5 Begins!

Yeah I’m a tad late on realizing this.  Sorry.  But I’ve been watching Felicia Day and crew since it began 5 years ago!  It’s something I’ve been able to relate to and enjoy the cute little webisodes they make.

Click Here to Watch Season 5 (and previous seasons) online!


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