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Too Hot To Walk“For too long I’ve been parched of thirst and unable to quench it. Too long I’ve been starving to death and haven’t died. I feel nothing. Not the wind on my face nor the spray of the sea. Nor the warmth of a woman’s flesh.” ~ Captain Barbossa

It seems like an eternity since I’ve had the chance to take a walk and get some exercise.  It’s just been too damned hot!  Just doing nominal things like walking from the car to the store is like having a heavy boot-wearing person standing on my chest.  Nearly impossible to breathe it’s so damned hot.  Even the local paper had a headline that read, “Devil vacationing in Virginia.”, when asked he said, “Hell’s just too damned cold for me!”.  Yeah OK, so I made that up.  Still, it’s bleeding hot here.

Like my little fat man burning in the sun do ya?  That’s what I felt like anytime I went outside.  Hell, doing yard work has to be done in bits.  Mow a few laps, damn near pass out in front of the A/C unit for 20 minutes.  Do more.  Wash, rinse, repeat…

Even worse, it feels I’ve been trapped indoors forever.  Today I actually got out before it got in the 90’s and got a mile in before I couldn’t take the heat anymore.  That, and I’ve already lost a lot of the momentum I had built up from walking previously.  Dammit I was doing good too!

Some will tell me I should just walk inside the mall.  But there it’s filled with shoppers and mall walkers who I’d have to trip over as I tend to walk faster than they do.  This is the reason I never liked walking around Busch Gardens with the family.  Not that we have passes this year anyway.  Sure I’d love going if I was to be leisure and enjoy the day.  However, to just walk and have to trip over a million and a half people who randomly stop, go, turn and run into other people because they can’t open their eyes or be aware of their surroundings is just frustrating as hell.  If people drove cars like they walk….  Well there would be a lot of population control as folks would be killing each other in cars.

I’m just hoping this +100° (F) weather ends soon so I can go walking regularly again in peace.


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