It fills the time…

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Flying MachineSo Thursday came and went.  Like so many days and nights lately, I’ve had little better to do.  God that sounds depressing.  It’s not really, but things are in flux in my life.  My relationship is ending but with so many things still hanging with no resolution, we both are staying in the same house until they can be resolved or at least put into a decent perspective.

Thus I’m not in a position to go out and spend money to have a drink.  I certainly am not in the mood to meet anyone for more than friendship right now.  So with that budget in mind, I am hanging close to home and doing what I can to fill the time.  So with WoW I shall stay for a bit.  It’s much cheaper than going out and while most of my online friends are out doing summer things with their family and friends, this leaves me to chill.  I’ve been calling my sons a bit lately and hanging out with my Mom from time to time.

Besides, I’m still very much loving WoW and have finally built my first major Engineering piece on my Mage (Hythlodaeus).  As pictured, his very first Flying Machine!  Sadly he’s only level 55, so he can’t use it yet.