If I don’t pay the bill, it’s canceled right?

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Past Due InvoiceThis one gets me every time.  I don’t understand how anyone honestly thinks this is how you end service with an ISP.  Yet it happens almost on a monthly basis.  I go through customer billing twice a month to see who is past due, who needs to have their account locked from access and so on.

Most of the time, once I lock them, I get a phone call with in 24-48 hours asking why and get payment arrangements.  Then there are the others that never call.  Finally after 6 months or so, I get a nasty phone call saying they stopped using the service months ago and that means they canceled with us.  Of course I look up the account, check the notes to see if they contacted us to cancel.  Hardly ever do I find such notes from these people.

In which case, I must explain to them that they failed to follow our Terms of Service (TOS).  Which states and I quote:

You must notify us of any cancellations, otherwise your account will continue and you will be responsible for the cost of maintaining your account.

This leads to another argument at times (not always), that they do not do business as we stated in our TOS and that’s another story for another day.  But honestly, how do you people sleep at night when you don’t read the EULAs (End User License Agreements) and TOS (Terms of Service) that you are blindly agreeing to…  Do you want to become a HumanCentipad?

In any case, these people then must argue with me about how they don’t owe and we should see the lack of activity and so on.  Honestly folks, unless we get reports of you doing something dumb (pirating, virus attacks and the like), we don’t pay any attention to what you do.

I just don’t know where they get this idea that to cancel with your ISP, all you have to do is stop using it…  What service or utility company in the world does that?  I’ve never heard of it.  Blows my mind people can be so stupid.

That’s OK folks, you go ahead and think you can do that.  Our lawyers (who wrote the terms of service) and collection agency, are ready to ruin your credit.