Should I Stay? Or Should I Go?

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Should I Stay or Should I GoThat’s the question plaguing me this coming week.  By Thursday (07-28-2011), I want to decide if I should stay and play World of Warcraft, or if I should lock my account and go back to single player games.

On the one hand, I can find a million and one ways to spend my time in Warcraft.  I’m still very much loving the world I was so late to discover.  In a way I feel like it’s a good escape and it cheers me up in some aspects.  I could try to reinvent my failed guild with a new name, maybe even hand lead over to someone else (once I can change the name).  Or I can simply look for a guild to slip into that gives me a few casual players to play with.  Since the people I used to hang out with have been too busy to play lately.  Whatever, it’s cool.

On the other hand, I can save the money.  I can try to go back to playing single player games when I’m in need of killing some time.  Only have to buy them once, vice the monthly subscription.  I’m trying out this Google + thing, I can try to make it work for social interaction (yeah… right…).  I certainly won’t be going to the bars around here.  Not like my (used to be) small town in Michigan where you knew everyone in the bar and you could just sit and BS while having a drink.  Here they are all like restaurants or sports bars with a requirement to buy food and generally it’s all military and sports fanatics (which generally end up in a brawl) or worse… clubs…  Viral meat markets of liars.  No thank you.

If I quit, then I may want to go out more and that would end up spending more.  That could be bad.  Or I may find someone to just “hang out with”.  I’ve still got texting, email and phone too.  Of course, hanging out at home alone has it’s own downfalls.  Chase will take up a good amount of my attention but even he likes to nap during the day, and that leaves me to my thoughts.

If I stay, I’m going to have to make new friends.  I’m sometimes shy making new friends.  Especially if I can’t see their face.  A lot of good conversation is seeing the other person react to what you say and vice versa.  Although, I tend to attract the wrong kind of people from time to time (stupid, angry, ninja, jerk or whiny).   Must be my innocent personality…  {holding sides as laughter is beginning to cause stomach cramps}  However, the new Cross-Server Real-ID coming will be handy if I decide to bring my two main characters back to my original server.  This way I can still play with old friends should they ever feel spunky enough to come on line for more than 10 minutes and actually want to do something.

I just don’t know, I’m torn…

So, what do you think?  Opinions are welcome, sass isn’t.  I know someone will think to say, “Do what makes you happy.”.  But honestly I’m not sure which one will.  Honestly, I won’t know for a few weeks either way.