What do I choose?

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Restore SessionThat is the question posed to me today from a 71 year old woman.  I know it’s hot as hell out lately and today’s heat index is going to be between 110 and 120 degrees.  Fahrenheit that is.

I think the heat is killing her braincells.  The lady called and told me her Firefox crashed.  And that when she opened it back up it asked if she wanted to restore her previous session, or start a new one…

Her question to me was “What should I choose?”

I informed her she can choose either that she likes.  If she wanted to start where she left off, choose RESTORE.   Or if she wanted to start over,  she can click START NEW SESSION.

Her reply to me was “I’m 71 years old, can you please just tell me what one to click already?!?”  She actually got rude with me because she wanted me to tell her which to choose..

I wanted to tell her “Lady, if you can’t make up your own mind, then close it all together and go knit something…”


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