Endings to an Era – Harry Potter

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Harry Potter LogoHaving watched the final Harry Potter movie last night, is sort of a magical closing to not only the story but to things in real life as well.  Sad on all accounts really.  From 2001 when we saw a frightened, wirery little boy who learned how and why he was left in a severely messed up situation to last night when he had to be the man that no one wanted to be to finalize his life long battle…. We watched Harry, Hermione and Ron grow up.  Ten years.  Ten years of my life following a fantastic movie series.  Now it’s over.  Of course, no sooner do we get in the car and my daughter starts on about how it’s “Not like the book!“.  This is where I wanted to act out a scene in Tangled using a cast iron frying pan against the offending cranium.  Alas, I had to pronounce very slowly to her “adaptation” and urged her to Google it on her Nook.

As for the series of Harry Potter.  I have always been amazed they could keep the movies so interesting and frankly I think Alan Rickman‘s performance as Severus Snape was absolutely brilliant.  Not too mention the performances from all the others as well who portrayed teachers, students and of course main characters.  Always believable and always on character.  Oh god.. I’m sounding like some amateur movie reviewer.. sorry…

Recent events in my life are also coming to a close as well.  As stated before there has been some realizations that things at home aren’t so peachy.  After discussions it is best that this also must come to an end.  Odd timing don’t ya think?

But what do I do now?  I don’t have any new movie series to thrill me.  The last two series I followed with eager anticipation are both over.  Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean.  Sadly Hollywood is pumping out crap movies as if they were cheap chips at the pub.  I’m sure I’ll find something to watch on the big screen soon.  As well as someone to watch them with.  I hope….


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