It’s working!!

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Scale Minus 10lbsTurns out my walking is paying off after all!  I was beginning to doubt it as I don’t look any different, and honestly I actually feel “fatter” than before.  The walking was beginning to feel like a waste of time, though it gave me time to just think to myself.

I had to visit the doctor today, for an unrelated reason unfortunately….  But when I got on the scale it showed that I have indeed lost 10 pounds since I started walking in April.

I don’t actually own a scale at home as it tends to never get used anyways.  Besides, I don’t find the home versions to be all that accurate.  I like the doctor’s office scales much better.  And doing it this way, at least gives me one reason to look forward to going to the doctor.  Since normally it’s never for a good reason I go.  Such as today.  Don’t worry I’ll be better in a few days.


2 thoughts on “It’s working!!

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