New Windows 8 and OS X Lion

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Windows 8 - OS X Lion PreviewJust when you think they both got it just right…  Here comes new versions from both the big players in the computer operating system market.  Microsoft Windows 8 for PC’s and OS X Lion for Macs.

You’ve read/heard my praises for Windows 7 time and again.  Microsoft finally got it right, and for the majority of the populous who have used Windows for a long time or those who just got it for the first time, can easily agree it’s a great operating system.  Even some Mac users say it’s good stuff.

To top it off, I’m a new comer to OS X Snow Leopard.  Finding my way around just fine.  Learning it as quick as lightening, as they have something pretty damned solid going on.

And just as I get comfortable with both, what do I start hearing about all over?  New versions of both Windows and OS X.  What’s more, they both boast that they have features found in their smartphone versions to make it more social network friendly.  Here we go again with those nasty words…  So now I’m threatened to have social networking rammed down my throat regardless that I’m not a socialite.  I know I’m not the only one like me by a long shot, but because it’s the “popular thing”, it’s the direction they both are going too.  For folks like me, that just means more useless features that we’ll never use.  OK whatever.  For those who are socialites, this means they can be more in your face with phenomenons of brilliance such as Planking, Teapotting, and Pillaring.  Because social networking people are just so much cooler when they perform in public.

As well as they both (Windows & OS X) are starting to push the usage of the new storage phenomenon of the cloud.  Rumor has it that these services will be more closely integrated with the OS’s in question.  They advertise how you can access your files remotely, and share them easily.  I find this a little scary honestly.  I’m not a huge fan of my personal files being stored on the internet.  Encrypted or not, this just means that personal data, will more and more become totally dependent upon the internet.  Where we know identity thieves are just waiting for it.  I not crazy at all about this idea.  So, my first thought is to not use these options.  Should they be integrated in these new operating systems, then my first project is to find a way to disable or omit these features.

All the other features they promise seem pretty good.  Though I’m not too crazy about a new Windows release so soon after they finally make a good one.  Releases like that have always gone south.  Anyone remember Windows ME (Millennium) and Windows Vista? /facepalm

As for OS X, they’ve done good so far in my opinion, perhaps this will be good.


5 thoughts on “New Windows 8 and OS X Lion

  1. Voxorb

    I’m not too thrilled about Windows 8 at this point. I really, really don’t like the mobile block look. At all.

  2. Sara

    I really wouldn’t know anything about windows 7 since I am still running on XP 64-bit. Glenn has still yet to install it. Not that it is really that important, just thought I would comment with something -.O

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