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Unbound Guild LogoAnd I call this Gamers Den…..

Silly me, haven’t even mentioned games since the change.  Haven’t yapped about Warcraft for a while at all.  Mostly because my attention is pulled in a different, less happy direction.  {shakes head briskly to regain focus}  And my new education of learning to use Mac OS X.

My friend Edain, started playing WoW again as he says, “it’s more relaxing and I can get things done”.  I’ll leave that to anyone’s interpretation but all in all it’s a good thing for me.  He’s known mainly as Ashelar in WoW, so I hope I don’t cause too much confusion for my reading audience (the five of you out there whom I appreciate to no end for your devoted support – feel free to use the comments – hint hint).

So yeah, I’m in his guild Unbound.  WoW is going terribly slow for me.  It’s no ones fault.  Just either haven’t felt like playing due to things at home or lack of people on to play with.  I have met some nice folks since the move.  So as far as games go, I think I’ve found a home.  Now… to find a home…