Behold! I have the answer!

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Speed Limit 3 MPHAnd I said I’d never use Word Problems in real life…

OK, when I started telling my friends that I have begun to exercise by walking around the local mall, they wanted to know how far that is.  I was befuddled, because I had no earthly answer.  The mall isn’t square by any means.  As well, I walk on the outside sidewalk that surrounds the building.

Mall Aerial ViewI don’t have a Surveyor’s Wheel to measure it with.  Some suggest I use an online map and measure it using the distance legend on the side but that would be hard to do as the shape of the building is odd.  As seen by this satellite image from Google Maps.

However, today I gave it serious thought as I walked around the building.  I could use time/speed as a way to tell me how far I walk every day.  Here’s how I worked it out:

According to Wikipedia, the average human walks 3.1 Miles Per Hour.  I being tall, and always have had a history of walking faster than people around me. Also I had to consider that I likely walk slower now due to age and excess baggage around the mid section…  I shall simply say I walk around three miles per hour.

Time / MilesThe time it takes for me to complete one lap around the building is averaging at 1o minutes.  Thus, it takes me a total of 40 minutes to complete my walk.  Given the total is 2/3 of an hour, it can be easily figured out that I walk 2 miles a day.  Not bad.

What I find odd is that 2 miles sounds more impressive than 4 laps.  I guess because up until today, no one knew that each lap was ½ a mile long.

Granted, it’s still going to take a lot of these walks to start seeing any real improvement.  It’s good to know how far I go and how far I progress with these walks.  Which also gives me some goals I can set, as well as realize what kind of time I want to set aside each day for this activity.

And for my British European mates, I walk 4.828032 Kilometers per Hour for a total distance of 3.21868 Kilometers Traveled.

Now I’m going to take an Advil, my head hurts.


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