WoW and Travel Updates III

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Travelers Tundra Mammoth (Vendors Not Pictured)Yeah I’ve been slacking on the updates lately.  Life has been pretty out of control for me.

As far as game achievements and travel methods go, Kyllia got her own Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth.  It took a couple of months of heavy farming but managed it finally.  I’m both excited and exhausted over the whole ordeal.

I’ve also made 3 other characters to play and have been having a good time with them.  Angeliss is a Dwarf Resto Shaman (she kicks ass at healing!), Hythlodaeus my portal creating Gnome Frost Mage (who is also a handy little engineer!) and Profion my nut-job Dwarf Hunter (Huntard).  Not sure why I play the hunter, but still he’s sort of fun to play anyway 🙂  They are all just about level 50 and I’m taking my sweet time with them so they can get all the rep and stuff they need that I missed with Kyllia and Theodas when I rushed them to 80 and 85 respectively.  All chars are currently locked at their current levels so I can work on them.  This way I have years of fun ahead of me rather than running back playing catch-up all the time.

As for the CastleRain Guild, I gave up.  We managed to make level 10 through all of our ups and downs but I can’t lead a guild in WoW, it’s not like other games at all.  I’m more of a player than a leader.  Though it is my guild so I’m not terribly sure if I want to give it way (after they allow guild renaming) or if I want to keep it and move it to the new server I’m on.  For the time being I’m trying to be nice and let the few members left move on at their own will, but eventually I’m going to have to punt the rest as I will not turn it over or anything while it still bears the CastleRain name.

Speaking of… I got real sick of playing on Dentarg and am moving my characters to the Duskwood server.  The feel there is completely different than the Dentarg teenage paradise I’ve had to put up with.  Sadly, this will take a total of 5 months as I can only afford to move 1 character at a time.  Now to find a new guild on my new server that is Mature (adult), Casual (weekend raids only) and fun!

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