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WalkingA week ago from last Friday (or two weeks ago tomorrow), I started taking daily walks.  I realized I’m nearly 42 years old and if I want to live beyond 45, I need to get myself into better shape.

It’s damn bad I have a desk job where I do web design, tech support and brainstorming for the company I work for.  Then I come home, and play WoW for the majority of the evening or watch movies.  With the exception of housework, yard work (if I can be bothered), laundry, cooking or shopping; that’s pretty much my daily regimen.

Of course I quit smoking over 2 years ago, and while it’s helped with my health by doing so, it’s not helping that nothing is taking away the weight.  In fact it’s gained on me.  Enough is enough.  Time to get my ass out and exercise.

My new routine now consists of taking time everyday to walk.  It’s not much but it’s certainly a painful start.  Apparently I need new shoes.  And carrying the extra weight has caused my neck, back and legs to really bitch at me.  However, I must trudge on.

So what have been doing, is if there is no yard work to be done, then I grab my favorite ball cap and head up to the Mall to walk.  Though unlike most mall walkers, I don’t walk on the inside.  I’m far too much of a recluse for that, besides it’s hard to mark distance ducking and dodging the general populous of commerce goers.  Instead I walk around the outside on the sidewalk and so far I’m up to 3 laps per day.  Which if my guess is right, it’s roughly a mile, perhaps a tid bit more.  Though I’m unsure right now.  It’s my best guess.  I’m not afraid of rain, so I’ll walk in that too.  Though tornadoes and lightening do scare me and I have already had to sit 1 day out on my walking.  I must keep going!

I see this as a very very long road and I’m doing it for me and no one else.  Though I could use a cheerleader from time to time..  (mmm cheerleaders….)

p.s. Find any Easter Eggs yet?

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2 Responses to Walk this way…

  • Happy to know you are walking man. Let me know if I need to call you up and chant “Go Theo Go. Go Theo Go. Gooooo Theo!”

    Just in case you didn’t have enough images floating around in your head.

  • Only if you are willing to wear a skirt, put on pom-poms and video tape the chant and post it up public on YouTube 🙂

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