Big Brother is Steve

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Rotting AppleBefore any of you go and say it; I know my rotting apple animation looks like shit.  Just shows I don’t like Apple enough to care to make a decent looking one.  Feel free to polish it up for me, but honestly, if you polish a rotten apple, it’s still a rotten apple.

As if I didn’t already have a million and one reasons to be Anti “i” anything….  iPhone, iPad, iPod, iDon’tGiveAFuck…..  From the outrageously expensive iPhone to the ass puckering costs of their laptops and desktop computers and their over priced digital music players that are simply netbooks with a über tiny screen….  From the “We made it for idiots.”, to the “We sold it to idiots.”, and yet the “Idiots still can’t figure out how to use it.”…

Now news has it that the wonderfully constructed iPhone also has a neat little GPS feature that cannot be turned off and records every place an iPhone owner goes too and when.  Wow.. How mighty big brother-ish…  Excuse me, but what they are saying is that if anyone owns an iPhone they are no longer given rights to privacy.  They most likely keep records of calls, texts and surfing activities as well.

Bill GatusSteve Jobs is EvilPeople used to think that Bill Gates was trying to assimilate the human race with Windows and other products.  Honestly though they give us freedom of choice and so far, no Windows phones or Droids have been noted in spying on anyone.  Sure, Microsoft’s anti-piracy measures are a little over the top and should be rethought, but still, nothing so drastic as the sphincter tightening experience that Steve Jobs and his Apple minions are putting their consumers through.

Worst part is there was no press release, no warning, no notice of any kind.  Just the recent discovery that “oh yeah, we’ve been doing this since June 2010 during one of our update releases”.  Does Lucy gots some splainin’ to do?

I can just see it now…  You’re going out on the town and every time you pass a major restaurant or store and you iPhone 4 starts going ape shit either calling or sending you text messages about the current specials and ads for the places you just “happen” to be nearby…  Yeah…  Steve Jobs is the Devil.