I Effing Hate Glee

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I Hate GleeI can’t hold a decent conversation anymore (outside of the workplace that is), without hearing something about this god awful show Glee.  At home it’s talked about Ad nauseam.  While I’m still unhappy listening to local radio stations, I can’t even try to enjoy a song without hearing “Glee made this song famous!”.  Oh and this Bruno Mars… Every time I hear that name, I want to ruin another pair of shoes.

Whatever happened to our family watching things like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lie to Me, Angel, Merlin or Doctor Who and the like.  (Yes the one episode of Buffy “Once more with feeling” was a cute musical, but they only did it once!!!)  My hatred for this reconstruct of MTV of the past (only you never see any new talent), is only seconded by American Idol; where they exploit the world’s most ignorant people and condemning the human race by listening to the god awful noise that is one step down from listening to cats have sex in the ally.  At least the cats have harmony.  Granted Glee has talent.  However, I’m more prone to be engaged in Time Traveling Doctors and Vampires, rather than a high school glee club actually having that much talent.  I go to these shows, and some kids are talented but we aren’t talking a school for the arts.  (Also see here.)  Then again, I am talking about the same crowd that calls me up daily and can’t answer simple questions like “what is the error message” or “what version of windows do you use” or “what is the name of your email client”.  So why wouldn’t they call butchering every song on the radio good entertainment.

Honestly this does not capture the real high school environment by any means.  Unless you mean to tell me there is a California High School that does this.  John Hughes were are you now!!  (yeah I know he’s dead, but I wish he wasn’t)  Only he knew how to capture the true life of a teenager on the silver screen.  I’m sure he could’ve made some killer TV shows.

Perhaps my wife would be happier with a metro-sexual man or going lesbian.  I certainly can’t be the person to watch or converse with about this television media nonsense.  What we watch on TV certainly has changed.

I was going to use this image for this post, but I then realized the overly sensitive minions of the Glee Brigade would misconstrue this as a threat of murder or intent to harm.  These people cannot take anything without reading too far into it and taking every word out of context.


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