Product vs Brand

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Product vs BrandIn a world of people who can barely speak decent American English. We also have a hugely annoying habit of using a Brand Name when referring to a Product, when they really should not be confused that way.  Many brands can make the same or similar product.  People of course, have own opinions on who makes the best product.  This may or may not concur with other people’s opinion, and that’s just dandy.  This gives us choices.

Though to take a product and start referring to all brands of that product as one brand, is in short, retarded.  (I know, I just know, someone is thinking right now, I’ve messed up and put Soda where Cola should be. Honestly, if you are that anal retentive, please by all means….. Piss off..)

Examples of what I’m talking about:

  • When I order a cola at a restaurant, I shouldn’t get “we only have coke” as a reply.  I know they have some sort of cola, 99% of restaurants do.  Therefor, I’m asking for whatever cola they serve without being brand specific.
  • While Google is most likely the best search engine and certainly the most popular at this time.  It is not the only means of searching the internet.  People should try doing an “Internet Search”, rather than “Googling It”.
  • There are many other brands of Nacho flavored Tortilla Chips than Doritos.
  • Scotch is not the only provider of translucent, see-through or magic tape.
  • Post-it is not the only maker of simple sticky notes.

This list can go on forever.  I’d prefer that it didn’t.  Sadly I have no idea why this trend is.  I do however, find it extremely annoying.  Yes, I prefer Pepsi to Coke, but I’m not going to make a big deal of it, and at times will just drink “Sam’s Choice”, when it’s the only cola available to me.  I’ve never asked my wife to pick up “Coke” or “Pepsi” at the store.  I’ve always asked for whatever cola is on sale.

Certainly we prefer Orville Redenbacher popcorn, and will rarely buy any other brand.  We certainly are not going to start referring to all “Popcorn” as some person’s name.

I know this trend is likely never to stop and only get worse, but it only shows just how much marketing makes us as a society….. Lemmings….