My WoW Travel Updates II

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Albino DrakeThis update is between two weeks and a bit over a month late.  Things in life get to where you just don’t feel like talking about it, I’ll post more on that as the story becomes more developed.  Right now, I’ll get you set with the travel updates.

Theodas achieved the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth about five weeks ago.  That’s the Pimp Daddy Ride I’ve been wanting.  That’s the one I mentioned before that has 2 Vendors and can carry a total of 3 players characters (including Theo that is).

Shortly after that though I got all wound up in playing my other character Kyllia.  She’s locked at level 80 to get rep and such in Lich King territory and below.  During which, she managed to achieve getting 52 Mounts in total.  At 50, she gained number 51 as an award.  The Albino Drake.  As well as I’ve been working for her to get her own Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth.

During which time, as a side note or two, the guild has fluctuated a few times.  Seems just when we get to the point where we can start raiding, the high levels leave because they either can’t wait for, or don’t wish to lead us into raids.  Which sadly leaves us as a leveling guild for now.  Thus, I have taken interest in other classes to play, so now I also have a Hunter Dwarf named Profion.  A Dwarf Resto Shaman named Angeliss.  And a Gnome Mage named Hythlodaeus.  Since I am in no rush to get to end game, this should give me years of achievement whoring on many characters 🙂