It’s not as good as the Book!

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Movies vs BooksThis is the first thing I hear whenever anyone talks about a movie or the first thing I hear in the chatter after I’ve watched a movie at the local theater.  “It’s not as good as the book!”

Thank you Captain Obvious.

If movies were to follow the books exactly.  One, it would likely end up to be a six hour movie.  Two, would be way over budget.  Also, ever noticed the movie always says “Based on the book [Fill in Book Title Here]”.  They tell you in advance it’s not going to be the same.  It’s an adaptation of the book.  I’m also quite sure that 99% of Books that are “based on” a true story aren’t the same as the real story.  Because you need to keep the attention of the audience.  Make it interesting.  Books can be huge because you can put them down and read more later.  Movies would be a real pain in the ass to be that long to sit through.

ad·ap·ta·tion {ad-uhp-tey-shuhn}

* the state of being adapted; adjustment.
* something produced by adapting: an adaptation of a play for television.

So when the production company is approached by the writer, they have to make changes, cut out scenes to keep things in budget and make it fit into a general time-line while “hopefully” still getting the point across and still be entertaining.

So all you Emo little book worms need to stop bitching about it being different.  If all you are going to do is complain that it isn’t like the book then don’t fucking go!  If you want to complain, do it about the movie itself.  Perhaps the cinematography sucked, or that an actor blew chunks or … you get the idea.  It’s not about how close to the book it is, never was, never will be.  Get over yourselves.


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