Really? Am I that old?

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BabySix o’clock Sunday morning, and I just let the dog out.  Started the coffee brewing.  Just sat down and logged on to my PC to check for software and game addon updates.  The same thing I do every weekend morning.  Opened my email and this is the email I got:

Ready For This!

Your Going to be a Grandpa!!  Misti found out last Tuesday and the baby will be due sometime between the end of October and November.  If its a boy he will be Noah if its a girl either Ava Rae, or Mya Lou!

Just thought id give you a heads up. Hope to here from your soon!

Love Allen

Oddly the first thought that ran through my mind is.  But I’m only 41 years old?!?  Remember, don’t have any coffee in me yet and essentially I died 5 years ago, I’m only animated by caffeine and sugar, so my thought process is kind of stuck to a routine rather than instinct or cognitive brain processes.

I’m still worried about the teenager living at home, never even really thought about how near to being a grand parent in any faction.  So it was the cold shower to my morning.  But it’s true, I am the parent of a now 21 almost 22 year old man who is happily married to a wonderful woman.  Why not have a baby?  This is pretty cool.  I may not have been the best Dad alive, but it’s a good feeling that my son has a family of his own now 🙂


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