Harvest Barn Church – Love Song

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Exciting! Both my sons are in their first Official Music Video!!  I’m so very proud!  You may have seen my videos of Allen during band practice in this post (videos at bottom).  Now you can see Allen on Drums and Adam (far right singer) in a video they have for a contest.

Vote for this video by clicking HERE!!!  (as of this morning, they are in second place)


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One thought on “Harvest Barn Church – Love Song

  1. samantha pockrandt

    To Alex Burns:
    Alex, hey! Its Sam. I am so proud of you! Lord does answer prayers! Growing up with us being neighbors you and me both know it was gonna take a lot of prayer for us! Lol I’m just glad God works miracles! I love you and give a kiss to yyour wife and the girls! Samantha

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