My WoW Travel Methods

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It’s no secret I’m an achievement whore.  Dungeons are my second love, but my first are my achievements and some carry some pretty spiffy ways to get around the world of Azeroth.  Thus I may not level as fast as others because I’m off on a whirlwind adventure to gain an achievement.  Currently I am working on 2 achievements: Bloody Rare and Frostbitten.  This consists of hours, days or weeks of hunting Rare Elite mobs and making off with their booty.  This does a number of things:

  1. I get the rare armor that is pretty good stuff, so I can armor up my noob and also put the stuff my noob can’t use in guild bank for my guild mates.
  2. I get to make some gold.
  3. I get loads of cloth for my noob to use later when her Tailoring skill gets high enough.
  4. I have fun doing it!
  5. I get an achievement for doing it.
  6. Most importantly, I get something out of it.  In this case, some Bad-Ass rides to roam around the world with!!

Time-Lost Proto-DrakeMy first Bad-Ass ride is the Time-Lost Proto-Drake.  A very rare creature that flies the same  pattern as the Rare Elite Vyragosa.  Sadly I ended up killing Vyragosa like 10 times over a 3 week period before I managed to find him, whoop his ass, and claim the prized ride!  [Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake]  So now I have a ride that not everyone has been privileged to get 🙂

Travelers Tundra Mammoth (Vendors Not Pictured)Next on my list is a mount I had on my original Theodas.  The Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth!  This one is only difficult to get because you have to buy him, and he being the Pimp-Daddy of Land Rides, ain’t cheap.  Without decent reputation with the Kirin Tor, this beast will set you back 20,000 gold.  Which for 90% of WoW players, is a good chunk of jingle!  With exalted reputation, you can get him discounted to 16,000 gold.  I have about 10,000 more to gain before I can sign the papers on this bad boy.  And while he does come with an achievement, the best part of this guy is not only can he carry 2 of your buddies around, but he comes vendors!!

  • Hakmud of Argus – He carries mostly general supplies and reagents, most of which I can use.
  • Gnimo – Is a mechanical NPC that vendors supplies and weapons and such.  He also repairs armor and weapons.  That’s handy!

Now that’s just too sweet.  It’s like having your own city with you.  If we get the guild achievements for mobile bank and mailbox, I can wander the wastelands endlessly!

X-53 Touring RocketLast but not least, I am determined to get someone to play WoW with me for at least 90 days so I can get me an X-53 Touring Rocket!  Though I don’t think you get an achievement with it.  Still is a nice 2 seat mount that flies.  I’m not sure what it will take, make new friends, be evil and trick someone or (god help me) sell sexual favors *joke for those who can’t figure it out*.  Though I already have the first 3 WoW boxes not registered (bought them on the Black Friday sale) for just this purpose.  So, the person in question would get 1 month free with the main box, then all they have to pay is the $15 per month for 2 months and for the box set which cost me $20.  For for $50 I can get my mount….  (hmmmm scratches head with an idea)