Holiday Hell Week

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My Old Acer LaptopIt’s that time of year when one should be filled with cheer and holiday spirit.  Though I know the truth of it.  Christmas, as much as I’d like to love it, always leaves me with some sort of disaster.  In-so-much as I started rewriting an old Christmas Classic “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” by Meredith Willson.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,
Assholes everywhere.”

The time of year when already horrible traffic becomes an absolute nightmare of texting retards on ice!  Peoples already withering patients go from zero to negative two hundred.  It’s as if the once favored spirit of days gone by have has taken a u-turn to raising blood pressure and tension.

In previous years, Christmas saw the end of both of my previous marriages and being stranded in Illinois.  This week alone has been a whopper.

  • Monday – Angry and stupid customers got the best of me and put my day in a foul disposition.  To cap it off, I dropped my laptop in the parking lot on the way home.  It was pretty much destroyed (see picture above).
  • Tuesday – Was “nothing is going to go right” day.
  • Wednesday – First call of the day, a douchebag customer insulted me because I don’t own an Apple TV.  The day started to look better when my boss assisted me in getting a replacement laptop.  But ended on a down note as one of my best people in Guild left us for a Role Playing server.
  • Today it’s idiots on the internet who setup their new router and can’t remember the password they assigned to it.  And the day isn’t even over yet…. Sigh…

Sony ViaoNow that I’ve spent the past two days redoing this new laptop, having to remove the loads of crapware; let’s see how she goes!  She’s pretty and sleek and has a full keyboard.  Never owned a Sony laptop before.

Certainly not for gaming, but that’s what my desktop PC is for anyways.  So far, she seems faster, lighter and quieter.  Yeah.. O.K. got to stop with the gender for inanimate objects.  It’s even starting to creep me out.

Only downside I see so far, is I’m afraid to touch it.  It’s so shiny that any touch leaves finger prints and such.  I am digging the dual core with Hyper Threading though. 🙂

Well at least I can say I got a hell of a deal on it and a good warranty.  It’s even got built-in 4G Wireless and a web cam.  Though I don’t see me using either of those.

Though I am praying the rest of my week improves.  It’s already awkward enough dealing with Thanksgiving and Christmas because certain family members aren’t getting along.  I don’t need anymore damn disasters on top of it.