Bonehead Baggers

t-shirt bagWhy is it when you go to the store for groceries, you always come home with about ten bags too many?  I’m not talking about buying more than you intended, I’m talking about idiot clerks who only put 1 or 2 items in a bag.  Which not only wastes bags that will most likely end up in a landfill rather than recycling, but also costs the company that they work for more money just so they can pay them to use too many bags.

Just in the last shopping trip, the following items got their very own special bag:

  • Napkins
  • Toilet Paper
  • Eggs
  • 1 Loaf of Bread
  • Frozen Pizza
  • Orange Juice

So why couldn’t the Napkins and Toilet Paper share a bag?  What about putting the eggs on the bottom and the loaf of bread on top of it?  Why couldn’t the Orange Juice be packaged with the Pickles I bought?  I just don’t understand what goes through the clerks head.  I even try to make it easy for them.  When I unload the cart, I keep things in groups.

Such as:

  • All cold/frozen items together.
  • Cans, bottled and items in jars together.
  • All box items together (cereal, potato boxes *Au Gratin …mmmm yummy).
  • Cleaning products together.
  • Medical products together.
  • and so on…

So this trip got me 17 bags when I could have packed them myself and saved at least 5 bags.  Items like a gallon of Milk has a handle, so I’m not worried if that’s bagged at all.  Or a six pack of soda can be hung on the edge of the shopping cart since they have that plastic holding them together.  Saves on room in the cart and since it’s all going into either the trunk or the back of the truck for the ride home, it’s not like I’m going to piss and moan over a little condensation.

And what is the incessant need to double bag a single 2 liter of soda?  What a waste!

Honestly, I’m thinking we could cut down on a lot of costs if these stores would hold a retraining of these moronic and wasteful employees.  Granted, I have reusable bags, but I had the wrong car.  Otherwise I would’ve packed my own damn groceries as per normal.  Guess I need to just tell these clerks to step aside and I’ll do it myself.

If you want something done right….

Please Recycle Whenever Possible!

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