Goodbye Strongbad

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Goodbye StrongbadFor those of you who may not know of him; this strapping fellow is Strongbad.  He’s the real star of a website called Homestar Runner DOT COM!!  Sadly, this punctuation master of email hilarity hasn’t seen any new content in several months now.  Just a lame April Fools cartoon with a few months of nothing prior to that.   I understand the Brothers Chaps who make this cartoon; one of them had a baby and was taking a “break”.  Or some similar lame excuse.

Question is, how long does one need?  At the rate we are going, the kid will be in preschool or college.

Seriously though, I can’t go on waiting forever for an update.  Every time I check it simply disappoints me as I’m sure it does thousands of others who visit regularly looking for the fix of entertainment we once knew and loved.  It’s gone now, cold like the body dead man.  Dead like Homestar Runner’s website appears to be.

Sure your die hard fans will keep checking for you long after they are in their comfy retirement homes.  Sneaking a glimpse online before their resident nurse comes to bathe them or give them their “I’m not crazy, just old.” medicine.  Me?  I’m on to other avenues.  Besides, you were just a side joke when I wasn’t obeying my Lord and Master; Foamy.

Farewell Strongbad, thanks for the laughs.  It’s truly a shame.  I guess not all good ideas last forever.

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