Fully Commited… Again

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WoW Set IISounds wishy-washy doesn’t it?  Well it’s not, just with having to purchase World of Warcraft and all of it’s expansions again after moving my game play to the US servers is all.  Though this time I also have it all right up through Cataclysm.

Now that I’ve gotten all of that out of the way.  Got my guild up and running.  Slowly adding members.  I can carry on leveling and getting geared up for sweet weekend raiding!

The new skills system is taking some getting used too.  All seems to be turning out alright and I’m sure they’ll make many tweaks as we go through the growing pains of a new major expansion release.

At least I’m in a position to be near level 80 if not level 80 by the time Cataclysm goes live.

I’m thinking this weekend would be a decent starting point to actually advertise the new CastleRain Guild.  However I’m not going to make it a huge push either.  Kind of hard to say “Casual Mature Gamers Guild”, when all I would be doing is being as annoying as all the kids guilds out there if I were to advertise every 10 minutes.

I am however, looking forward to getting a quality group of people built up so that we can party up and have good times like I used to have in previous games.  My WoW Guild experiences have been weak at best. (did ya like how I did that? :lol:) I’m certain I can do much better than that!


And maybe, just maybe, my wife might actually join me someday.