Hail CastleRain Guild!

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CastleRain Guild TabardWOOT!!! This makes 100 posts!!

Another odd thing happened to me recently.  Even more so than my Shopping Adventure.  This past Friday I was, as usual, playing WoW.   All I wanted to do was do a few dungeons and then go watch a movie.

A bit of history is required here; this server (Dentarg), used to be a PVP server and was converted to PVE.  When I signed up, this had just happened and the server was like a ghost town.  Thankfully dungeons are a cross server event that makes the dead server issue no problem.  So it was nice and quiet for the first week.  As time went on, more people started to join and guilds started to form.  This was not my inspiration for making a guild however.

Since I am (was) playing completely alone, with no friends, family or my wife to play with, I was simply holding out on joining a guild until I had made some friends.  People my own age, who were like me, a casual gamer who likes to raid on weekends.  Hence, one of the bigger reasons for me to make the move as I couldn’t do that in the UK because of the time difference.

What I was learning though, is that many guilds are simply huge numbers of people.  Nothing really in common, not friends, just a shared Guild Tag.  I mean, why bother if all you are doing is essentially pugging runs anyways?  Or you find a guild run, but then realize they are still r-tards.

Others seem to be only interested in what the Guild has already accomplished or what they have in their Guild Bank.  Seems rather shallow and shady to me.  I would rather be known for what I’ve done with my established group of companions whom I’ve gotten to know over an extended period of time and have shared laughs with on Vent.

On top of that, you can’t walk through town without 2 to 3 guild invites flashing in your face.  Because all they want are numbers, not friends.  Fuck that!

Plus, I had noticed there were no guilds at all advertising mature casual players like me.

Needless to say, this triggered my Dumasaphobia reflex and I decided I was gonna fix this.  How?  By making my own guild.  Reborn like a Phoenix from the ashes of Last Chaos, the CastleRain Guild for WoW!

Now my intentions weren’t as they turned out.  Huh-what?!?! you say?  I had initially was going to pay off players to sign the guild charter, then let them leave and return to my grind-fest alone.  This had a two fold plan in the long run.  One, I would no longer get random guild invites, and two; in time I could establish either making a guild for mature players or join a guild with such a plan already in place.

Sadly even though I was paying people 5 gold per signature, getting 4 signatures was proving difficult.  That is, until my first signer, Aquyssae, started helping me out.  I ended up with the other 3 signatures and someone I felt bad for and paid them the gold anyways even though it took them so long to get to me, I had all the signatures I needed already.

During the remainder of the night, Aquyssae asked me questions about my intentions.  I had replied in kind and she liked the idea.  So rather than wait for a while, it was decided to make CastleRain a go.  The website is up for the most part, now it’s time to recruit in my famous lazy fashion 🙂

Turns out I made a friend after making the guild.