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BestBuy Burning CrusadeI haven’t had a chance to post this until now as I’ve been busy building a big website.  More on this in my next post (which you may have read above this one).

This weekend I found that there are a handful of people who actually give a crap about their job and do it willingly despite the fact that I tried to call them out as a person who only seeks a paycheck.  Let me point out right now that I was the one who was wrong and am willing to admit it.  However, in the majority of cases, this sale would’ve never completed.


On Saturday we went shopping for food, etc, when I wandered off to the electronics department.  I was driven to do this as you recall, because I moved from the UK to the US servers to play my beloved World of Warcraft.  This in turn forces me to repurchase the game and all of it’s expansions.  So, I was looking for a deal to save some money on doing so.  To my surprise, I found the Burning Crusade Expansion for only $19.96.  I wasn’t able to find that low of a price anywhere.  At least not anywhere I’d put my credit card.  As I started back to the family, I noticed the package had been opened and resealed.  So I go back to the Electronics department to find all 3 copies to be the same way.

Knowing that I don’t actually need the game discs, but the key codes, I realized these had already been stolen and purchasing the game would’ve be a futile exercise in wasting money.  So I put the game down.

That night I searched the net, Amazon, Newegg and all the popular shopping sites; even Wal-Mart’s website.  No luck.

Sunday after 7 hours of straight WoW time, I figure it’s time to get up and go do something else.  While driving I decide to check our other local stores.  My first stop was Best Buy.  Our store is the worst layout ever and impossible to find much of anything small like a game box in.  On top of the fact I haven’t purchased anything from Best Buy in years as I have firmly believed for a long time that it’s the most ill named store ever.  I’ve never gotten the Best Buy from them.

Sure enough I find the game, and it’s $29.99.  So I head out to go the the Target next door to see what they have.

On my way out, a girl asked me, “Did you find everything OK sir?”.  At this point I started to do the head down, and quietly leave thing, but I muttered “I did, but not at the right price.”.  She quickly responded they do price matching before I got to the second set of doors.

At this point my evil streak kicked in, knowing my multitude of experiences in useless retail workers who are only out to get a paycheck.  So I’m thinking I’ll shut this lady down, show an evil smile and be on my way.

I reply, “Well I don’t have a flier or online site that will give you proof of the price I seek”.  As I think to myself, I’ve got this.  She replies, “I can call the store in question and we can use that as proof.”.

OK. Now I realize that the kid working at Wal-Mart will simply point click and say no.  So I tell her Wal-Mart and she does some digging and then locates a phone number for the store.  She calls and sure enough that’s the reply we received from Wal-Mart.  I then told her to tell the clerk to “Get off his ass, and walk over to the game shelf, count four rows down and it’s in the center.  There will be 3 copies of it.”.  She grins and proceeds to inform the clerk.

Sure enough after a couple minutes, she confirms the cost and I only pay $19.96 for the game.  I wished I had gotten her name to write a thank you email to her boss.  It’s not often that you get that kind of service in retail anymore.  Even in a hard economy, I generally end up with the clown who is either on the cellphone with their significant other or chatting with another “r-tard” employee doing next to nothing while I get no real service.


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