Coming to America

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WoW MoveWell, I am in America and for the most part always have been.  During my Navy days, I did visit Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Pompeii as well as Jerusalem and Bethlehem in Israel.  Closest I’ve ever been to my beloved homeland (family home land) Great Britain is via the World of Warcraft.  I have a few close friends from there, whom I’ve been gaming online with for the past 4 years.  It was a real bitch to say goodbye to them after all that time.  I hope will still keep in touch frequently.

Many reasons have forced me to change the servers I play on from the UK to the US.  Outside of the recent issues I’ve had with the UK Blizzard team not understanding I’m an American playing on UK servers.  There are many other reasons for me to make this move.  As well as some personal ones that I won’t divulge here on the net.

Reasons include:

  • Being eligible for the Recruit-a-Friend program benefits.
  • Saving money on international service fees.
  • Saving $3 a month on the exchange rate alone.
  • Finding people to play with after 6pm EST.

Among a few other reasons.  Look out America, here I am!