What the hell Blizzard?

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Blizzard LogoI finally give in to World of Warcraft, after years of playing un-fulfilling free2play games that aren’t really free.  I finally submit to being one of the millions upon millions of players world-wide.  I finally find a game that let’s me have the time of my life gaming.  It’s balanced, it’s fun….  And what do I get?  (outside of the recent guild drama bullshit) BANNED!

Not once, but twice in the past two weeks!  Neither time was I told why exactly.

What the hell Blizzard?  I have thought it over and over and over and I cannot for the life of me, figure out what it is I am doing wrong.  I’ve gone over Terms and Rules.  I do not see anything at all that I may have violated.  Hell, I don’t even curse in chat.  I’m always polite to other players by never saying anything negative to them.  Even if they suck, I simply quit party if I have a major problem with them, otherwise I endure, deal with the deaths and move on.

Yes, lately I’ve had little to do but Herb.   I sell the Herb when I’m not making Glyphs from Inscription.  My 2 professions Herbalism and Inscription.  Which I sell on the Auction House.

The only other thing is I log on using my laptop when I’m not at my desktop to do so.  But since 99% of all ISP’s use dynamic IP addressing, so multiple IP’s shouldn’t be an issue.  And since your Key for the Game is tied to your account and not the individual software install, logging on from multiple locations shouldn’t be an issue either.

I can’t see either of those being the issue.  But… What the hell is the issue Blizzard?  Tell Me!!


Here was the response given to me:

Following an investigation into actions taken against this account we believe this account may have been accessed via a Proxy Service or location outside of the EU.

It should be noted as an extra precaution, I sent them (both times I was banned), a photocopy of my drivers license.  Which is issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia.  I’m thinking they aren’t quite getting it.  I’m from the United States.  Plus, why isn’t my wife getting banned?  Hmm?!?

At this point, I’m afraid to push the issue anymore.  I’m either dealing with people who aren’t paying attention to my emails, or they just don’t really know themselves.