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Immersion GuildWe finally broke away from the idiocy of Great British Heroes/The Xth Legion.  As quoted by someone who truly understands our feelings about it all, “You don’t join a guild just to sit on the sidelines.”.  Amen Brother.

With that all behind us now, we can try out new guilds.  First up, Immersion.  It’s a nice quiet guild for the most part.  Which though is kind of disappointing as we wanted an active guild.  And they prefer to pug weekly quests.  Not exactly what we had in mind.  I hear our first ICC run with them went incredibly well.  Sadly I couldn’t go as they planned it over Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  I can go on Sunday, but Monday and Tuesday they’ll be on the run while the wife and I are still at work.  So that’s not going to work out very well for her and I if that’s how they regularly do it.  Which sucks.  Thus the wife keeps playing a noob on an alternate server while I farm out of pure boredom.  Nice folks far as I can tell, just not in jive with our desires.  Not sure if this one is going to work out.  We need to give it some time I guess.


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